CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

01 August 2012

Welcome to beautiful British Columbia!

- by Kim

Janelle and her mom arrive tomorrow! Wow! It will be a long day for them, as the drive alone is about 12 hours and then a ferry ride after that. The joys of living on an island!

So many months of getting ready and making plans, and it’s finally starting to happen! I’ve been having a hard time sleeping the last few nights, and I think it’s because when I wake in the night, my mind starts going as I think about all that we’re about to do. I flip-flop back and forth from being really excited to feeling a little nervous.  Apart from having my own girls, this will be the biggest thing I’ve done in my life. I’m not sure what the nervousness is about. I’m not nervous about being pregnant again. Maybe it’s just the unknown. Part of me is afraid to get too hopeful, as there are still so many variables and no guarantees.

I went online this morning and looked at the statistics for the clinic and they look pretty good - around a 60-70% success rate, though it doesn’t give any information about number of attempts to get these stats, only the number of resulting pregnancies. The success rate varied on the patient’s age and I’m hoping that we might be on the higher side because Janelle’s still in the “peak” age group, and as it's her eggs we're using, not my old, decrepit ones. Haha! Can’t believe I’m already in the next age category…. a real blow to the ego of my poor geriatric eggs. :)

Talked to Janelle last night and it sounds like the process to prepare for egg retrieval is quite arduous. It makes me grateful this set of my medications are taken orally, hearing about all of the needles and injections she’s got to do on her end right now. I find the whole thing pretty fascinating; it’s really amazing what science can do these days.

I go for another ultrasound tomorrow morning, to make sure my body is responding properly to the hormones and my uterus is doing what it’s supposed to. Hopefully by the time they arrive, I'll have good news to pass on, and we'll hear that my uterus is 'plumping up' nicely. 

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