CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

03 January 2014

2013 - What a year!

- by Janelle

Twenty-thirteen will be an incredible year for me always. I have a precious son and an incredible relationship with Kim and her family. We are already planning on vacationing together in July when Myer turns one. I can't wait to have our families together again!

Myer is now 5 months + 9 days old. He has stolen our hearts and my brother, his Uncle Jason, has coined him smiley. Slowly we are getting into a groove of predictable nap times. Previously Myer was King of the 1/2 hour cat nap, but now he sleeps for at least an hour at a time. My Mom (who is visiting from Florida) seems to ask me every morning how his night was and I'm so used to being up at least 3 times with him that I'm not sure if that's a good thing or "bad thing" at this stage in the game. As a mom I've totally gotten used to the interrupted and shorter sleeps that it's simply all normal now. I'm definitely not at the end of my rope looking in desperation to get Myer to sleep through the night. Perhaps I'm silently expecting him to do so at 6 months which is when his brother decided to start sleeping nearly 12 hours straight at night. Yep - that sure was nice! Regardless, we'll get there and on the weekends I steal a nap here and there at times.

During the holiday season there was a lot of cheersing going on around the table. Asher said cheers to the flower centre piece, to reindeers, all the presents, family, etc. and more than once we said a cheers to Kim & Carl. We all practically finished a glass of wine before we had a chance to dig into our turkey! Kim was very much on all of our minds as we celebrated Christmas and brought in the new year with our immediate family because the reality is that during this time of gifting we had already received the most incredible gift ever...

Myer Kim, 5 months old
(Christmas Day, 2013)