CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

24 July 2013

39 - 40 weeks - Still pregnant!

~ by Kim

Who wants to write a 39/40 week update?!? Not me.

I'm supposed to be writing a baby update with a ton of cute pictures of the new little man!

Not some boring old update with pictures of my very pregnant belly.

I've never been this pregnant before. Both my girls were born by now. This little guy is really throwing me for a loop.

This week has been really busy with various appointments, and the midwives have been keeping a close eye on us. In a matter of days my cervix changed drastically, and by all signs, everyone thought this baby would've been born by now. I'm currently dilated between 3-4 cm and my cervix is 0.5cm long (normal being between 3-4 cm.) The midwives thought labour would've started either Monday night or Tuesday, but we're now at Wednesday and still waiting. Waiting is the toughest part! (I can say that now, because labour hasn't started and I still have some amnesia about what that's like)

Yesterday I had some of the midwife's "labour cocktail," which I've got to say is the most nasty drink I've ever had. It's a combination of apricot juice, almond butter, castor oil and some herbal concoction all blended together. It's terrible and I can't even describe the taste of it, apart from saying that I felt like I was on "Fear Factor" trying to get this horrid drink in. I ended up taking it more than once, as my first attempt didn't stay down. I took another dose again in the afternoon with the help of some Gravol beforehand, but unfortunately it didn't bring on labour for me - though I was getting some pretty strong and consistent Braxton Hicks contractions. I thought it might the beginning of labour, but unfortunately the contractions petered off and didn't amount to much. It was a bit of a disappointment, as everyone thought yesterday was going to be the day, including the midwives. I talked to them last night, and was told that if I didn't go into labour during the night she was going to come over this morning for another check up and see what's going on and where we're at.

Here's a couple recent belly shots:

39 weeks

3 days before due date

So now we just wait! The midwife told me that with a surrogate pregnancy there are so many more variables. That we know what my body does carrying my own babies, but this baby is different. That it's a combination of my body as well as the baby, and not just one or the other that decides how things are going to play out.

Till then, more waiting...


  1. Oh Kim, hopefully not too much longer. I can only imagine the anticipation of everyone.
    Looking forward to hearing the news!!!

  2. I hope it's today!! Can't wait to hear. Wishing you all the best Kim. This is incredible. xo

  3. Hi Kim and Janelle,
    I know that the other commenters were women,so I hope you won't mind a guy commenting.What I want to say is this and pray that neither of you find it embarrassing and/or offensive.Kim,I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your pregnant belly pics!!! You've got to have one of the most BEAUTIFULLY shaped baby bellies I've ever seen and your bellybutton poking out makes it all the more APPEALING and PLEASING TO LOOK AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!