CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

13 August 2012

This just in...

- by Janelle (IM)

The doctor told us yesterday that Joel's sperm were of good quality (something that Joel is really proud of - must be a guy thing!) and he didn't lie. We got the very much anticipated call from the embryology lab this afternoon and all 5 of my eggs are fertilized!!!

Wow! The moment gave me tingles and I felt like a proud mom when the lab technician on the other side of the line told me they were all doing really good :)

Needless to say we all had happy tears in our eyes (Joel, my Mom, Kim and I) and there were hugs all around. Now over the next few days we'll get updates on how the cell division and development of the embryos is going. I'm not 100% sure of how they rate them but they do and we'll get a sense of how many "quality" embryos we'll have frozen for when we're ready to try a transfer. I have tons of faith that Kim's uterus will kick into gear when it's given a chance to work its magic under the direction of its own hormones. From what the doctor has said, as well as reading material online, a number of women don't respond to hormone supplements but do fantastically well with what their bodies produce naturally.

So with me feeling well after the retrieval and now armed with this wonderful news, we will be on our way from Victoria shortly. Looking forward to celebrating with those in Calgary soon.


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