CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

14 August 2012

Pretty much perfect

- by Janelle (IM)

We had a wonderful trip home after saying our "see ya laters" in Victoria yesterday. Last night we stayed in Salmon Arm and we had a nice relaxing start to the day which included eating breakfast in bed and some pool time. The highlight though was our stop at Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk.

When we pulled into the parking lot I checked my phone - no cell reception :(  Then I checked Joel's and he had full bars! I put it in my pocket because we were expecting a call from the lab at some point in the day. We hit the trail and within 5 minutes the phone rang! I felt nervous so I handed the phone to Joel and told him to take the call.

I stood among the cedar trees as Joel relayed to me that all 5 embryos were thriving! For the rest of the call I mainly heard Joel say "okay" about 10 times over in response to what the embryologist was telling him. Then he relayed the great news to me...

At that point in time one of the embryos had divided six times and all the rest four. As I said before, embryos are given a quality rating. What I know now is that it's out of 20, with 20 being perfect and a rare occurrence. And what of our embryos you ask? Two have been given a rating of 19 and the rest 18! We are well above average and thrilled!

Wooo and phew!!  :)

The reason why this is such great news for us is because overall it means that we are closer to hitting the 60% success rate of Kim becoming pregnant after a transfer. It also means that we will likely transfer a single embryo which is great because carrying multiples equates to a high risk pregnancy. Still, you never know and we are all on board for accepting twins if that becomes a reality. (PS - like Kim says, no record breaking penta-style pregnancy. No reality show here, haha!)

When I shared the news with Kim she of course was happy to hear that the update was positive. We also had a laugh because she said that she's never been more anxious to get her period so that we can get closer to a transfer attempt (see previous post A bump in the road for details). Hope you don't mind me writing this Kim...just wanted to share our laughs :)

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