CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

10 April 2014

Myer's return to Victoria

- by Janelle

Oops! I intended to edit this and then publish it right away but now 2 whole months have gotten away on me. Ah what the heck...I'll post anyways. Enjoy the delayed update!

Myer and I made a return trip to Victoria this past weekend [Feb 6-9th] to visit Kim and family. We arrived by plane and brought with us the cold weather from Calgary, sorry! Still, for those of us in the foothills of the Rockies, experiencing Victoria's cold snap of -4C sure did beat the -25C we were "enjoying" back home. Regardless, the visit was fantastic and makes me wish, as I often do, that our two cities were within a short drive of one another.

I really liked seeing Kim's girls play with Myer and fight over who got to have him on their lap while sitting on the couch - so cute! At one point Kim asked her youngest Rowan if she remembered where Myer came from. She said yes and in anticipation of hearing her say "your tummy mommy" or something along those lines, she said with conviction "Babyland!" Haha! I'm sure some of us ladies wish that were true. What? No need for labour? Count me in! ;)

In the four days we were in Victoria, we managed an afternoon at the movies for their Stars & Strollers baby friendly feature, a walk through Beacon Hill park where we fed the ducks and spotted peacocks, some swim time at the rec centre, a morning stroll with a friend of mine, Alicia, for coffee, and a family dinner with Kim's extended family at her in-laws house overlooking the ocean.

Myer with his Victoria family.

A happy guy!

Beacon Hill Park (ducks & peacocks).

Upon looking back at the trip I realized that all of the things we did this trip we also did way back in July while we waited for Myer's arrival. It gives me such warm feelings to think that now he is with us.

Oh I would do it all again today if I could. Thank you Kim for having us! Now we just have to make it through the next 6 month until we see each other again to celebrate Myer's first birthday.