CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

23 December 2012

Thank Heaven...for Diclectin

~ by Kim

I’m now on Diclectin, an anti-nauseant medication specifically for pregnancy, and it has been a lifesaver. The nausea is not 100% gone, but is now manageable enough that I can function, and most importantly, eat again. Just in time too, as another day or two and I would have been pulling out my skinny jeans. I think the girls might have been getting tired of crackers and gingerale for breakfast.
Well, maybe not the gingerale… but definitely the crackers.

I wonder if they’re still accepting nominations for ‘mom of the year.’ 

Not for me. 


But maybe for my mom, who came over in the morning, made some oatmeal, got the kids dressed and took them to daycare when I was at my worst.

She's got my vote.

17 December 2012

8 weeks and pooped

~ by Kim

We're just over 8 weeks and man, am I tired! The first trimester fatigue has hit me like a freight train! I haven't been sleeping very well at night, waking on my own a few times in addition to our 20 month old deciding that sleeping through the night is no longer for her. It started when she was sick, and we haven't been able to get back on track since. Now we've just fallen into bad habits, even bringing her to our bed in the middle of the night. We have a queen sized bed, and some nights there are 4 of us in it. Seriously considering baby-sleep boot camp soon. Her days, or nights I should say, are numbered.

Each morning, regardless of how early I go to bed, I am dragging myself out of bed only to be ready to crawl back in a couple of hours later. Unfotunately, that's not usually how it works out. I think what makes it harder is that this time around is having two kids to take care of, so catnaps are a lot harder to come by. The countdown is on, as there's only a month left till we hit the second trimester and then this will be but a distant memory. I'll be able to laugh at things like giving the girls a box of crackers for lunch. I might even remember it as being kind of 'cute and funny'. Right now I'm just grateful that Lily helps herself and can supplement these sub-par meals with yogurt, applesauce and cheese sticks.

Another thing that is different this time around, is that I've been sicker than I was with the girls. I never vomited with the girls, and just assumed it would be the same this time too. Not the case. Everyone seems to have a theory about this. Maybe it's genetics or maybe it's gender. I guess time will tell.

So to date, I've gained 15 lbs. Crazy, right? 10 have been from all the hormones and medications before even getting pregnant, and about 5 lbs since. That's just enough that my clothes aren't fitting very well and are all a little snug, but not enough to look pregnant. Instead I just look well fed, and can no longer "suck it in". Too much holiday baking, perhaps? I'll go with that.

Here's a pic of my little bump so far. I'm not sure what I was thinking in the first shot at 5 weeks, lifting my shirt and showing my ponch, but oh well. It's the closest thing to a pre-pregnancy shot.

I feel like I'm getting big fast this time. Some kind-hearted people have told me that this is how it is for the third pregnancy.
Oh how I love those people.

11 December 2012

How many?

~ by Kim

I am beyond excited to let everyone know that there is ONE little bean in my tummy right now!
Our official due date is July 27, 2013!

We got to the clinic in the morning, and I was feeling both nervous and excited at the same time. I had butterflies in my stomach, with my mind racing at what we were about to find out. How many babies was I carrying?

Janelle and I had been in touch last night as well as this morning, and thanks to modern technology we were able to use my phone to Skype so that Janelle was "there" and could see and hear everything that was going on. We got right to business and right away saw the baby on the ultrasound screen. It's still small right now, measuring 12 mm, about the size of a blueberry, which is right on track. Before we knew it, we could hear the sound of baby's heart beating. It really was hear that thumping sound and to see the little blips on the monitor rise and fall to the beat. I was so glad that Janelle was able to be a part of it and see it all as it was happening. There really is something so special about hearing your baby's heart beating for the first time.

For me, this appointment really made things more real. Though I'd been trying to prepare myself for the possibility of two babies and trying not to be scared of carrying twins, I was relieved to hear that there was just one in there. The doctor double checked to make sure there wasn't another one hiding in any of the nooks and crannies of my uterus, and hearing that there was indeed only one baby felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. One problem! I've done this before and know what to expect! Right now I just feel like we are so fortunate and have so much to be grateful for.

Here's the start of the appointment, getting Janelle on the line just before the ultrasound.

Hubby was with me for the appointment and tried to take a video of the ultrasound. You can see Janelle on my phone watching the monitor. The quality of the video is not that great and the sound cuts in and out a couple of times, and the video is a bit choppy with some pauses in it, but it's a glimpse of what we got to see.

It's such a busy and exciting time! I go back to the doctor's again next week for another check up and ultrasound, as well as have my first appointment with the midwife. I was given the date when I can stop taking all my meds and hormones, so I have it circled on the calendar and can't wait! (January 10th, for anyone wondering :)

We now have even one more thing to celebrate over the holidays, and don't think we could ask for anything more. 

Except maybe chocolate. We can ask for that.

09 December 2012


- by Janelle (IM)

Tomorrow is our 7 week ultrasound when we find out if the pregnancy is progressing well, and also get the big question of "How many?" answered. I am so excited for this day! Kim and I caught up this evening using FaceTime in hopes that we can make use of it tomorrow and I can be "in the room" with her :)

I know that Kim, Joel and I have all gone back and forth in our heads as to whether or not we're expecting one or two. My first thoughts were that it was the 14 cell embryo that implanted but then Kim's beta numbers came in so strong and she's been really tired, so I started to think it must be two. There's all these little signs that you try to see and fit together as you're waiting for a day of answers to arrive.

The other morning at work my co-worker came into my office and told me that she dreamt about me. She went on to tell me that in her dream she was at the hospital with Joel and I, and that there was a baby being born out of a balloon-like object, and that it was a baby girl! My writing does not do this story justice because it truly was such a cute story. She said that she pinched Joel's nose to congratulate him for becoming a Dad again :)

My point is that I listened to her story with so much awe and joy because at the time (I spilt the beans afterwards) she did not know that Kim had come into our lives and that we are in fact expecting. So...

Is this a sign? Does it mean one baby? Does it mean a girl?

I love how our minds race off on things like this, especially since Kim has made comments about the baby(ies) being a girl(s). She dreamt the other day that she was carrying twin girls!

So which is it? At least one of these questions will be answered tomorrow - can't wait!

01 December 2012

What it's like so far...

~ by Kim

Saying that this is surreal doesn't seem to fully cover it.

We've had some time to digest the news, and there are times I'm still in awe. There are some moments where this feels like the most normal thing in the world, and others times where I still can't believe it. I'm actually pregnant.

People ask how I am doing, and I sometimes joke by responding "mentally or physically?" There's a lot of truth to that response though, as the answers are very different.

Emotionally, I'm doing great! At least as far as the pregnancy is concerned...haha! I feel excited about where we're at, am feeling positive and looking forward to the future. This really is such a different experience, one that I suppose not too many people get to experience.

I think one of the most common questions or concerns people have regarding surrogacy, is the ability to carry a baby for 9 months and then "give it away." You go into it, knowing right from the onset that this is not your baby. This really could not be truer. I don't have the same attachment as I did with my own pregnancies. I feel more protective instead, wanting to do everything I can to give this baby the best start and ensure that everything goes uneventfully perfect. I find myself doing things like shielding my abdomen when the girls come jumping on the couch, trying to rest when I feel I need it, and eating enough regularly. No more skipping breakfast. I don't have daydreams of the future with another baby, or imagine pushing a newborn in a stroller and choosing a cute tiny outfit to bring home a new baby in. My daydreams with this baby end at delivery, and then seem to skip to the future - with Janelle and Joel coming to visit with two kids instead of just one. Or us going to Calgary and all the kids playing together outside. I've read it described not as "giving a baby away, but giving a baby back." I think this is such a great way to describe it, and really sums up some of the feelings. I think this is healthy.

Physically, the last little while has been just ok. It seems that I soon as I got pregnant, I got sick. Not as in morning sickness, but a cold. And being pregnant, there's nothing I can really take for it. My theory is that my body's energy is now being diverted, and the energy that was being expended fighting off all the bugs is now going towards growing this baby. I read on one of those baby-centre type websites, that said my body is currently undertaking the "Herculean task of forming the placenta." That made me smile. It reminds me of just how much my body is doing right now in these early stages. Along with my cold, I've also had some of the other early pregnancy symptoms, including bloating, cramping, breast tenderness, increased appetite and FATIGUE! Oh the fatigue...the other day I was completely wiped out and ready for bed, but then looked at the clock and it was only 5:38 pm. With a lot of effort I managed to stay up till 8:00 pm, and then passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. There was also a day at work where I vomited. Gross. I'm hoping it's a good sign that things are going well.

So now we have one more week till the ultrasound. There seems to be a lot of waiting with surrogacy.

And the question everyone is asking me about:   How do I really feel about the idea of twins?

At first, I was scared. I feel silly to write this, as people have twins everyday and it's not a big deal. There are so many unknowns...will they both develop properly, would I need a C-section, would there be bedrest, dealing with premature babies, and then caring for my girls at the same time during a "higher risk pregnancy." It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Having had some time to think about it more, I've decided not to worry about it, and I have faith that whatever is meant to be will happen.

Regardless whether it's one or two, I will be thrilled.