CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

12 July 2013

On the radio

~ by Kim

I had another appointment at the beginning of the week with the midwife, at which time she told me I was measuring at 39 weeks. (Was 37 weeks, 2 days at the time) She thought my fluid level might be high so the next day I went for another ultrasound to get it checked out. The technician doing the exam didn't offer a lot of information, but did comment on more than one occasion that this was a big baby. The first comment came while taking head measurements. (Ack!) According to her, the fluid level was normal, but baby was big, already measuring in at 7 lbs 11 oz. When I said that sounded pretty good, she told me it's still early, and there's a ways to go still before the end. I've read that average growth rate for baby at this stage is approximately 1/2 a pound per week, meaning if I were to go to 40 weeks, he would be approximately 9 lbs 3 oz at birth.
Oh my.

Looks like anyone who guessed 7 lbs or smaller in the baby pool is out of the running there.

Also at the midwife appointment, I had my first cervical check. My cervix is "soft," which is encouraging that the process is starting and my body is getting ready for birth. She said my outer cervix is dilated between 2-3 cm, but the inner cervix was still closed. This is apparently normal for having already had 2 kids, and doesn't mean that labour is imminent by any means. I took it to mean that nothing is quite where it used to be.

Also exciting this week, is that I was contacted by one of our local radio stations and Janelle and I are going to be featured on one of their talk radio shows this weekend, called 'Real Parenting.' Janelle arrives first thing tomorrow morning, and we'll be on the radio at 12:30 Pacific time for anyone who'd like to tune in.

Here's a link to the host's blog with our intro:

And here is a link to the radio station's main page.

On the top right is where you can click to stream live. There may be a podcast recorded, to be able to listen to the show after the fact, and if so I'll post the link later. 

I've never been on the radio before. 

I've offered autographs to some friends, but so far haven't got any takers. 


  1. Guess Asher will have to be prepared for having a "big" brother!:-)
    Looking forward to listening to your radio interview. If the line up is not too long for autographs, we'll get one from you when we see you sooner than later.:-)
    Ray and Cecille

    1. Haha! This made me laugh out loud! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! :)

  2. I'd like an autograph please! Honestly, I'd want one even if you weren't going to be on the radio. (btw, I've started streaming it and heard your intro at the top of the hour. I'm glad I made it back from my vacation with a couple hours to spare!)