CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

16 July 2013

Flying high and sitting low at 38 weeks

~ by Kim

Articulate, I am not. At least, not under pressure when there are millions of people listening to me. OK, maybe not millions, but at least 10 that I know of.

Thankfully, Janelle is.

We were featured on CFAX 1070 this weekend, one of our local radio stations, which was a lot of fun. I was a basket of nerves, and though the host reassured us that we'd be more comfortable after the first segment, it didn't happen for me. Each time it was my turn to talk, I'd find myself fidgeting, twisting the cord from my headset under the table, and almost breaking a sweat in anticipation. Or maybe the sweat was from being super pregnant in the middle of July and the sweltering heat. Tough to know.

Listening back, I think I may be the queen of the run on sentence. Hearing myself, I cringe as I start to ramble, mumble and seem to forget the original question. Of course after we were done, I had several moments of "I should've said that!" but overall I was glad we had done it and had a good time despite my nerves. I was especially glad that Janelle was here so we could do it together, and can't imagine what kind of show it would have been had I been on my own.

Radio Stars
For any who missed the show and are interested in listening, here's a link to the podcast where you can download and listen. Janelle has edited out the commercial breaks :)

This weekend the midwives that we see had a garden party, and while we were there I had a little impromptu check-up. My appointment prior to this one was on Monday, at which time they told me my inner cervix was still closed, but when she checked again on Saturday I was dilated 2 cm! Yahoo! Things are starting to happen! My next appointment is this morning, so I'm excited and curious to see if there's been any more progress. Physically I'm feeling more pressure, and while there are some times I feel great, there are other moments where the baby shifts positions and I feel more awkward physically and have a harder time getting around. Sometimes my waddle is more prominent than other times.

I think this baby is starting to drop. This is a comparison from last week to a couple of nights ago.
With some cute kids in the background in the second shot, of course!

37 weeks             38 weeks
(It's not just me, right?!?)

Otherwise, we are all doing well here, just enjoying ourselves while we wait for this little guy's arrival. 

I wanted to share some of our recent pictures:

Here's Lily and Asher crossing off a day on our 'Baby Countdown' board that we have going. On the actual due date there's a gold star covered in glitter, and Lily tells Asher that that's when his brother will be here. It's pretty sweet. 

Here's a few from the past few days. 
We've been having a good time. 

Looking at these pictures makes me smile. It reminds me of what family is all about. I have moments where I'm a little nervous about the birth, and the hormonal crash afterwards that I keep reading about either on other blogs and from other surrogates, so fingers are crossed it's not too hard of a transition. Right now, I feel more excited. This is what we've been working towards and waiting for, for so long! 

We're just about there!

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  1. Oh my gosh, the baby has totally dropped! It's not just you! I'm excited for everyone! Can't wait for the birth day to arrive! xo