CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

19 July 2013

It's the final countdown!

- by Janelle (IM)

I have been in Victoria nearly a week now taking in the last stages of pregnancy with Kim. I've been feeling and seeing the baby nudge about in Kim's belly and immediately noticed that she had dropped when she picked me and my son, Asher, up at the airport. The final countdown is on with less than 10 days until our due date. Kim has had some braxton hicks contractions these past few days and Joel (my husband) arrives first thing tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Needless to say, my emotions are running high these days. There's no real chilling out as we try to prepare for something you don't have complete control over. So, how am I feeling? What am I experiencing at this stage of the journey?

For one, I'm totally anxious and excited for our boy to show himself and to hold him in my arms. At the last midwife appointment we discussed me catching the baby. How lucky am I to potentially catch my own son! When I think about the birth this is when I also start feeling a little nervous. Of course I'm imagining a beautiful delivery, for Kim and baby to be well...quick and painless as Kim says, lol!

Then there's the other part of me who feels like a total fish out of water. I've never done this before, I've never played the role of a supportive partner helping a woman through labour. My husband said that you're not alone, every man goes into the birth of their child feeling the same way. The thing is that I've never had in depth conversations with men about what that's like. What can I expect? Can I prepare myself somehow, etc? I keep reminding myself that the midwives will be there to help guide us. I just want to do the right things for Kim at the right times to ensure she's taken care of. I know all will be well, but this is an example of the thoughts that are running through my head these days.

On a lighter note, when Kim was in Calgary for a visit at the end of June, I had asked my girlfriends and a friend of Kim's who lives in Calgary to bring a bead to the baby shower. The idea was to put together a birthing bracelet for Kim to show her how much extended support and well wishes she has for what she's doing. I got a bunch of lovely beads and at first had no idea how the bracelet would turn out. In the end I'd have to say that it's beautiful:

 Also in the end, it was the perfect size as an anklet!! :)

Thanks everyone! I'm sure that we could have made a triple-stranded necklace if everyone who has sent kind words our way also sent a bead. xox

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  1. So excited for you guys! I know you're anxious but I'm glad baby waited for Joel to arrive! Not much longer! Can you believe how far you've come?