CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

18 July 2013

Bags are packed!

~ by Kim

This morning I packed a bag for the hospital!

I think I kept putting it off thinking that I don't really need anything. I don't need to worry about baby clothes, diapers or anything else a newborn might need. When Rowan was born, I was in and out of the hospital the same day - so I just keep thinking of this time being the same. How much stuff could I really need?

Janelle and I went for lunch the other day, and in talking I realized there are still some things that I want to have with me. My bag is pretty sparse looking, but includes:

- book (wishful thinking?)
- phone charger    
- toothbrush
- hairbrush and elastic
- change of clothes

Right now I can't really think of too much else that I might need.

Maybe just some donut money for the Tim Horton's on the first floor.

Here's the quick run-down from my appointment with the midwife on Tuesday:
(which was 3 days after the check up I'd had on the weekend)

Baby dropped 1 cm from Saturday.
Went from 2 cm to 3 cm dilated
Cervix soft and starting to efface.

I've also had a few more symptoms that lead me to think things are really starting to change, so I thought it was time I get myself a little more organized.

Now....we wait!


  1. Yay for 'symptoms'! May the journey be gentle.

    1. Thanks Jill!

      I love the way that's worded!
      'May the journey be gentle' is perfect...we couldn't ask for more! :)

  2. For anyone who's forgotten like I had and had to go hunting around the blog archives, the due date is July 30th.

    1. We're actually due on the 27th. The 30th was my initial guess, when I was trying to figure out the due date from our transfer date. Not that it's a big difference, but at this stage, 3 days feels like an eternity! :)

    2. Three days at this stage IS an eternity. Well, I hope he comes soon. mm