CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

04 July 2013

Born to feed

- by Janelle (IM)

So the milk is coming in. Sometimes I get 3 oz of milk per pumping session. Due to this success I went out and bought a package of 60 milk storage bags for the freezer. When I told a friend of mine about my milk production she said, "You were born to feed babies!"

I have to say that at first the pumping regimen seemed daunting: pump every 3 hours and after two weeks add in a nighttime pump at about 3 am. When it came time to incorporate the nighttime pump I encouraged myself by saying that it's training for the baby. I know I'll be getting up in the middle of the night then!

Here is evidence that the protocol for induced lactation is working for me:

My freezer is being overtaken by the bags!
Lots has been underway over in my neck of the woods. I had my last day of work this week. It was delayed by over a week due to a terrible flood that my city, Calgary, and Southern Alberta experienced. The devastation has been horrible with thousands of people being displaced from their homes and many won't be able to return.

I came across this picture of the flooding that shows my place of work; it's the fourth building up from the bottom right of the photo. My office is in an older area of Calgary called the warehouse district that is made up of a bunch of beautiful brick buildings, some of which are heritage buildings built in the early 1900s.

Downtown Calgary was shut down for a number of days and some residential areas of Calgary were without power for over a week. I know that natural disasters happen in many places across the world but this is the first time I've experienced one in my home town. Hopefully this is the last time but unfortunately you never know.

My Mom also came into town for 5 days. During her stay we went through bins of Asher's old clothes and got them all organized according to size. Next on my list of things to do is to pack up all of the baby stuff we're taking to Victoria. I'm also keen on getting myself packed up (hospital bag and all) and Asher just in case a call comes in earlier than the flight I have booked to Victoria which is in 9 days.

I can't believe it's July - the month of our due date! Wow. Time goes by slow and fast at the same time. I find myself both excited and nervous. Just like Kim I don't know how the actual birth day will unfold. I do anticipated that it will be an amazing experience :)

Kim - I'll be there soon! In the meantime I hope that my Mom being there helps take the load off a little while you push through this last month of pregnancy.


  1. Great job with the milk. At most I got 1 ounce per session. Webb is 2 months old and I'm still nursing and then supplementing with a bottle. Yay for baby birth month!

    1. Thanks Robin! The other day I read up on how much milk a baby drinks at a time. It's little details like that that I've forgotten since Asher was born. Just to be safe I have some formula one hand. I can't believe baby birth month is here!! Enjoy the summer with your two boys!

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