CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

28 June 2013

Grumper likes reggae!

~ by Kim

No, I'm not Grumper. Haha!

Though there are some days that it might be a fitting name for me.

Awhile ago, I had a dream that Joel and Janelle named the baby "Grumper," and since then I've often referred to him as that, as the list of potential baby names is still under wraps. (Though to be clear, in said dream, I was not a fan of the name)

Last night we went to see Ziggy Marley (Bob Marley's son) who was in town for a show. The show didn't start till 8 pm, so it was a late night for me! I'm usually in PJ's by then, and sometimes even in bed already. We had pretty good seats, and almost right from the beginning everyone was up and dancing to the music. Up we got with the crowd, as sitting was not really an option, though there were a few songs I had did have to take a break and sit briefly. It was impossible not to fall into the beat of the music and find yourself dancing or swaying on the spot, regardless of how much of a "non-dancer" you may be. I don't think I saw a 'still' body there, and I could feel Grumper grooving in utero along with the music.

I've been sick lately, so I didn't have as much energy as I normally would, but it was still so great to get out and enjoy ourselves for a bit. I think we were overdue for a date night without the kids. By the end of the night, I was grateful for flip-flops as I waddled out of the theatre with swollen ankles, reggae in my head and a smile on my face. Carl and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, so hearing all the music took me back to a different time and it was fun to reminisce. That was our last hurrah before starting to try for baby #2, and less than a year later Rowan completed our family.

Otherwise, things are going pretty good. Mentally, I'm doing well. I'm in awe sometimes at how far we've come and how close we are to the end. I still have my moments where I feel emotional about the whole thing, but I think that's pretty normal for any pregnancy, surrogate or not. Physically, I'm still under the weather, but my iron dose is going up again so I'm hopeful that will help with my energy level. When you're not feeling well, it's easy for things to feel magnified, and things that wouldn't normally be a big deal can sometimes feel catastrophic.

I saw this online and it resonated with me.
Especially "let go of what I can't control"

I wanted to thank everyone for all the encouraging words and support on this journey, especially lately. It really means a lot hearing from everyone, and even though we still don't have all the details worked out yet for the upcoming month, I feel calmer having been reminded that there are so many people who love and support us. 

Here is a pic from last night, just shy of 36 weeks. 

I see my big belly and it still hits me at how spectacular this whole thing is. I can't wait to see Janelle and Joel with their new baby, and think what a miracle he will be. 


  1. Kim you are so beautiful! Glad you had a great night out with your man. We will be there soon to help :) xox

  2. You look wonderful. The emotions as you near these final weeks can be so hard to describe. Live in these final moments, enjoy all that they are. You are so very right, it is spectacular.

  3. Find Surrogate Mother is not always easy! Thanks for sharing your story, I´m sure help people who are following their dream to become parents!