CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

13 June 2013


~ by Kim

This week I've started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time. I never had them with either of the girls, so this has been something completely new for me. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on and just thought that I was having some bad cramps. It was my daycare lady, who in seeing me clutching my stomach as I told her about these "cramps" I'd been having all morning, filled me in, and as soon as she said it, it made sense. My stomach would get tight and I would feel crampy, and it was uncomfortable enough that I would find that I had been holding my breath until it passed. When I got home, I of course checked with Dr. Google and it sounds like these may be a regular occurrence until the little one arrives.

Otherwise, I'm doing pretty good, just really feeling a lot more tired. Sleep hasn't been that great, and I wake frequently at night. It's no longer just getting up to use the washroom, (which I average about 3 times a night) but now I wake up each time I go to roll over - just from my size. This is the first week that I've had to pull out my pregnancy and wedge pillows, and it's more difficult to get comfortable for any length of time.

My waddle is more prominent than it's ever been, and not just limited to the end of the day anymore. I'm acutely aware of how much I've slowed down (at everything!) and am grateful that the girls are still small enough that they're both eager to pick things up and go and get things for me. Bless my little "fetchers." Sometimes my various dropped items come back a little stickier than when they first left my hands, but I can't complain.

The girls are doing great, and today Rowan lifted my shirt and said to Carl: "Mommy has big tummy!" The innocence and truth in such a simple statement made me smile and Carl and I both had a laugh. Lily asked me this week: "WHEN are Janelle and Joel coming to get their baby?" I'm thinking of making a little countdown calendar for her, where we can scratch off the days and count down together, and that maybe having something visual for her might help.

I had another ultrasound this week so they can check on the baby's kidneys again (one was showing larger than the other so they're want to monitor it) and though I don't have those results yet, we found out some other fun stuff. Baby is currently 5 lbs, 1 oz, the head was just below 9 cm (full term is 10 cm) and his head is down and he's sitting low. We're really coming up to the end!

When I go out with the girls, I see people looking at me, and I think they must think I'm that crazy lady who keeps having kids. Is that what I would think if I saw me? Maybe. When someone comments on how I'll have my hands full, often it's easier to just smile and nod and I do it often depending where I am or who it is.

A little while ago, I was out shopping and had both girls in the buggy. The cashier smiled, and our conversation was:

Cashier: "So, do you know if this one is a boy or girl?"

Me: "A boy." (I feel like a fraud, because people seem to get so excited when I say it's a boy)

Cashier to Lily: "I bet you're excited to have a little brother!"

Lily: "It's not my brother in there! It's a COUSIN!"

I wasn't sure what the cashier was going to think, and I'm thinking I'm going to end up explaining our situation, when she says to Lily:

"Oh...I'm sorry! I thought that was your mommy!"

Ahhhh......right. That makes sense.
Lily was talking to her sister by then, and had stopped paying attention to the cashier, so I just smiled and we left.

My Loves
(Some pics we had done at the mall this week)

I'll post a belly shot soon - when I'm not already in PJ's :)

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