CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

09 December 2012


- by Janelle (IM)

Tomorrow is our 7 week ultrasound when we find out if the pregnancy is progressing well, and also get the big question of "How many?" answered. I am so excited for this day! Kim and I caught up this evening using FaceTime in hopes that we can make use of it tomorrow and I can be "in the room" with her :)

I know that Kim, Joel and I have all gone back and forth in our heads as to whether or not we're expecting one or two. My first thoughts were that it was the 14 cell embryo that implanted but then Kim's beta numbers came in so strong and she's been really tired, so I started to think it must be two. There's all these little signs that you try to see and fit together as you're waiting for a day of answers to arrive.

The other morning at work my co-worker came into my office and told me that she dreamt about me. She went on to tell me that in her dream she was at the hospital with Joel and I, and that there was a baby being born out of a balloon-like object, and that it was a baby girl! My writing does not do this story justice because it truly was such a cute story. She said that she pinched Joel's nose to congratulate him for becoming a Dad again :)

My point is that I listened to her story with so much awe and joy because at the time (I spilt the beans afterwards) she did not know that Kim had come into our lives and that we are in fact expecting. So...

Is this a sign? Does it mean one baby? Does it mean a girl?

I love how our minds race off on things like this, especially since Kim has made comments about the baby(ies) being a girl(s). She dreamt the other day that she was carrying twin girls!

So which is it? At least one of these questions will be answered tomorrow - can't wait!


  1. have to share this, when Paul was making breakfast he cracked open an egg and it had two yokes. He called me in to show me his surprise, we too just looked in awe.

  2. Am I the "balloon-like object?" Haha! Sounds pretty accurate! :)