CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

20 April 2012

Getting Ready

Heard from VFC and got my sonohysterogram and endometrial biopsy booked for the 9th of May. This is an ultrasound based test to check my uterus for any abnormalities, and that the uterine cavity is healthy and would support another pregnancy.

They also wanted to know where we are in terms of legal contracts, as this is the next step that we need to complete before we can move forward. There's a lot more to think about and consider with surrogacy than I realized. Some of the basics to go over in the legal contracts are: how many embryos to transfer, if there was a multiple pregnancy, selective reduction, prenatal care, genetic testing, abnormalities with the fetus, termination of pregnancy - who gets to make all these decisions, complications that may arise, expenses, handing over the baby and of course that the intended parents will be the parents of the child. A ton of things to go over! I read online that in British Columbia, the birth mother is the legal mother of the babe and the intended parents usually need to formally adopt their genetic child after the birth. Wow.

As soon as all this is done, we can move to the next step and could potentially be doing a transfer at the end of May or early June if we can get all the legalities completed. Janelle is having weekly bloodwork done to see where she's at with her cycle, and I think they might need to do some more testing to check the viability of her eggs. Once we get all of this done we should be good to go!

I've had a few ups and downs already since starting this, from feeling really excited to a little bit scared - and I know we're only at the very beginning. Suddenly I'm feeling impatient and want to start as soon as we can. Though maybe I should have a sense of relief in this, as this is very true to my personality in most things. I was the same way when we decided to have children of our own, and once we had decided to start trying, waiting for ovulation seemed to take an eternity. Once I was ready to be pregnant, I was ready right then!

In the meantime I'm prepping as best I can; starting with practicing being pregnant and indulging in some pre-pregancy cravings. Hit the bakery after dinner and bought a tiramisu layered cake.

This baby stuff is hard work already.

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