CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

21 May 2013

Hard to concentrate at work

- by Janelle (IM)

I've done the countdown. I officially have 18 days of work left over the course of 5 and 1/2 weeks! Oh my! This means that our baby is soon to arrive :)

The other night when lying in bed I mentioned to Joel that we had 9 more weeks until Kim was at 37 weeks, at which time game on... our little boy could arrive at any time. To this Joel replied "I think I need to start getting serious about this!" It's a little bizarre being physically distanced from the pregnancy. You go through your days knowing that a baby is growing, but not having that body connection (for me) or visual reminder (for Joel) keeps the reality more like a daydream. 

It's going to be so great having Kim and her family with us at the end of this week. I know it will be chaotic with all of the little ones but at least we have a backyard and lots of crafts to keep them occupied while Kim hopefully gets in a relaxing stay. I can't wait for the chaos! This will also be the first time Joel has seen Kim and her belly in person. The reality should really strike him then!

Tonight I'm off to a Mumford & Sons concert. I'm super excited! Some of you may remember that I wrote about one of their songs in my post I will wait for you. I wrote about taking inspiration and strength in patience from their song "I Will Wait". Tonight I'll get to see and hear this song performed live - how special for me! I can't believe I wrote this post back in Spetember of last year. Part of me feels like it was just yesterday and the half of me realizes how much we've gone through since then and how lucky we are to be celebrating, celebrating that the arrival date of our baby boy is near.

Safe travels Kim & family! See you soon, xo

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