CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

09 March 2013

Seeing Kim's Pouch

- by Janelle (IM)

I'm here in Victoria! We are at 20 weeks and we get to see the baby via ultrasound in 2 days!

I have to admit that I wanted to cry when I saw Kim at the airport. It hit me when my brain clued into the belly that I saw on Kim. When my brain said "Hey, that's your baby growing in there!"

I just want to curl up and talk to Kim's belly non-stop but that would just be awkward, haha! So instead I got to sit down to the most delicious pot-luck meal in celebration of Kim's cousin's birthday and meet a whole bunch of her extended family. There were 5 kids and 8 adults around the table, and 2 dogs keeping us company. What a delight! As usual I over indulged, especially on the desserts. I told Kim that I'm putting on some sympathy weight...I blame the lactation meds.

I wish my husband and son were here with me too :)


  1. So pleased to finally meet you Janelle. The reality of this whole thing hit me too yesterday as I saw the size of Kim's very pregnant belly. Whoo-hooo!
    I can hardly wait to see you with your new little one in your arms.

  2. I know how you are feeling daughter dear, I so want to be there with you both, Hugs and lots of love