CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

14 March 2013

Is it a Boy or Girl?

- by Janelle (IM)

These past 5 days have been so awesome for me! For one, it was simply wonderful being in Kim's company and around the baby. I was saying to Kim that her place feels like a second home to me with her girls and her husband Carl making me feel so welcome. I even got to sleep in the girls' new bunk bed!

So apart from eating almost two desserts everyday due to birthday celebrations, the big highlights from my visit included: the 20-week ultrasound, meeting the social worker at the hospital (aka the baby's future birthplace), and an appointment with the midwives.

20-week Ultrasound

I loved being at the ultrasound and seeing the baby moving it's arms, legs, yawning, and stretching out it's body! There were times during the trip when Kim said she felt the baby flutter. Now I was seeing what she was feeling and that was very cool for me!

Here is the token ultrasound profile shot:
First photo of our precious baby!

Social Worker & Hospital Visit

My expectations of this appointment were quite low. I figured we'd simply go over some logistics and talk about paper work but the time spent with the social worker was much more than that! We toured the labour and delivery unit, as well as the aftercare, motherbabe unit. So much fun! With every room I saw my excitement grew with the thought that my little one will be born here :)

The other significant thing I walked away with was an extremely big sense of feeling supported. Hospitals are arranged for dealing with one birthing mom, her partner and of course the baby, and it was evident to me that everything possible was being arranged/considered to take care of Joel and I's well-being the day of delivery as well.

I'm excited for this day to come and also admittedly a little anxious.

Midwives & More

Getting the chance to go to the midwives' office, which is a cute character home in Victoria, was like finding another piece of the puzzle that helps reveal the whole picture. Again, having the first hand experience of being there now makes Kim's future, and even past appointments, seem more real to me. Now I know what the street looks like, with a view of the Gorge waterway at the bottom of the hill, what the charming yard looks like where there are backyard BBQs with Moms and babes, what the entryway, exam room and bathroom look like. Of course above all I got to meet one of the three midwives who will be on hand for the delivery itself.

During the appointment we went over the ultrasound report, with the gender findings blacked out, while reception prepared two envelopes that revealed whether we're having a boy or girl. The ultrasound checked out well and some of the details reminded me of Asher - namely the baby's head measuring within the 90th percentile for size.

Kim and I left feeling good after hearing a healthy heartbeat at a rate of 150...high side of normal...maybe it's a girl?? We also left each with an envelope in hand with the answer :)

Luckily for Kim I was being dropped off at the airport within 2 hours, at which time once I walked through those doors I'm sure she ripped her envelope open, haha! I on the other hand had to get through 1.5 hours of travel followed by another hour waiting for Joel to get home from work. Then once we were sat down at the dinner table with glasses of port to celebrate, we opened our envelope, and.....


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    1. Thank you Tonya! Bet you're having fun watching your little bub grow and develop. I can't wait to hold this guy in my arms!!

  2. i am already thinking blue baby blanket, congratulation to you all with lots of love

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations on your SON that is on the way!! Boys are so fun!

  4. Congratulations Janelle, Joel, and Asher (and family of course)! I'm so happy for you all :)

    1. Melissa! So great hearing from you! Had fun catching up with your folks, sis & kids this past summer. Happy to hear that life is good for all of you! Thanks for the congrats. I have a smile that won't leave :)