CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

10 May 2012

The tests are in...

...and my uterus is “perfect!”

I put that in quotation marks, because those were the doctor’s exact words. It's not everyday that you hear something about you is perfect! If it can't be my hair, it might as well be my uterus!

So here’s some medical jargon for you. Skip the first paragraph if it doesn’t interest you.

Yesterday I went for a sonohysterogram and endometrial biopsy, which they need to do before any IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment. This is a test to detect any abnormalities inside the walls of the uterus, by injecting sterile fluid inside of the uterus. This way, the walls of the uterus separate from each other and it’s easier to see any abnormalities that may have been hiding along the sides of the walls. Think of the uterus as a collapsed balloon, if there was a small growth or bump on the inside wall, it might be hard to see since the top and bottom walls are touching each other. But if the balloon was inflated, the small growth would be easier to see since it will likely be able to hang away from the wall.

The test itself is a little uncomfortable, but really not bad. I was eager to have it done and hearing that all was well I thought for sure this would mean that we would be able to set a date. I was disappointed when I found out we still needed to wait for the biopsy results to come back first. This will take about a week, which I know is not long, but right now feels like forever. I know that it must be even harder for Joel and Janelle to wait, as they're the ones waiting to organize their trip out here. 

I got an email yesterday from Janelle’s mom that really touched me. We’ve never met, so she wanted to introduce herself and let me know how much this means for everyone. It took me reading it a couple of times to get my emotions in check, and it made me realize how this affects so many more people than just the four of us, and of course the kids. She's started following the blog, and is happy to be able to be to follow our journey this way, since she is so far away from us geographically. (Hi June!) 

It got me thinking about this blog, among of course many other things, and how I was hesitant to start it in the beginning. It was my cousin who convinced me to do it, and now I’m glad that I have. Initially, I thought it would be a good way to journal the experience, the good and bad, as well as a way to help me to sort my own thoughts and feelings as we go through this. I wasn’t sure if I’d even tell anyone that I was going to do it, and thought I would just send out my posts to cyberspace for strangers to stumble upon. I wondered if I told anyone, and I knew that there were people that I know reading, would it influence what I wrote? I worried that I may not be as honest about the good days and the bad days. Plus, who would be interested in what I had to write? It was my same cousin who told me, that of anyone who might be interested in what this experience is like for me, it would be Janelle and Joel more than anyone. That it would be a way to share this pregnancy with them even more, as we're so far apart. I realize now it can be a great way to share our journey with family and friends who may be far away from us. 

So will I be completely honest when there are days I spend throwing up and feeling terrible? That's my plan. 

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