CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

04 August 2013

Changes this week

~ by Kim

This past week has brought along some changes with it:

- Janelle, Joel, Asher and Myer are back home in Calgary. 
- My milk came in with a vengeance. 
- I was able to dry my feet after a shower. 
- Rowan got her first big haircut - something a little lower maintenance for a 2 year-old. 
- I slept on my tummy again. 
- We got a kitten, to help the kids with the adjustment of everyone being gone. A distraction of sorts. Well, maybe a little bit for myself too. 
 - I went to the mall, and drove past the "expectant mother" parking. That has been my "spot" for a few months now. 

Myer 9 days old
First day at home
(Thanks June for sending - made my day!)

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