CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

12 April 2013

Fun Times & Busy Times

- by Janelle (IM)

It's two weeks into April and I'm realizing how quickly time has flown by since I was last in Victoria - a whole month ago! Wow.

Our family has filled the time with a trip to Hawaii and as of Monday we get possession of our new house which we promptly started shopping for once Kim got pregnant :)

Here are some snapshots of our recent fun times in Hawaii...

It was our first trip to Hawaii, with Joel and I (and obviously Asher) not having been there before. We went to Maui to witness two of our good friends get married during a beautiful ceremony. As a bonus we got to vacation with 10 friends, other wedding guests, and my Mom (Grandma) who flew in from Florida. 
Our days in Maui were spent at the beach with Asher digging in the sand, venturing to various cities like Lahaina & Paia, going to the Maui Ocean Centre, heading out on a snorkel tour where the highlight was watching whales breach, and taking in a Luao which we all really enjoyed.
Once back in Calgary we got down to business, the business of packing and organizing little details like utilities, internet, cable, change of mailing address, etc. in anticipation of moving over the next week. As I said, we get possession of our new house on Monday and the nice thing is we don't pass on our beloved condo until the end of the month. This gives us lots of time, but we also want to get it over with so our goal is to be finished the move as of the 20th.

My mind is already skipping ahead to getting settled in and setting up the nursery for Asher's little brother :)

Speaking of the baby, when we flew to Hawaii we flew through Vancouver and therefore over Vancouver Island. At that time I turned to Joel on the plane and said "We're really close to our baby right now!" Thank goodness for the charm necklace I have with the little baby foot on it. When I wear it I feel like our boy is with me. There are days I put it on thinking that I'm bringing him with me wherever I'm headed.

It's funny that Kim mentioned in her post 24 weeks and my baby turns 2! that she feels as though she's experiencing moments that shouldn't be hers when the baby moves and such. I'll admit that I oh so wish I could be feeling our baby move and grow and at times it's hard to be physically separate from these moments. Still the excitement of it all takes the cake and I simply can't wait to meet our boy!

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  1. Congrats on the new house! I love to hear your perspective as the IM and how you are conscious of when you are even close to your baby and the comfort the necklace brings you. <3