CHP - arms with Myer

CHP - arms with Myer

30 January 2013

14 weeks and feeling good!

~ by Kim

"You're so small!"

"You're so big!"

"You're so nice!"

"You must be crazy!"

I hear so many things and get so many different reactions about the pregnancy and surrogacy. It really shows how different we all are, as are all of the varied perceptions.

I'm 14 1/2 weeks and feeling great! As we've come into the second trimester, I feel more and more like my old self. The nausea has subsided and energy is back. This is by far the best part of any pregnancy. We've past all the tough parts of the first trimester and haven't gotten to the physical discomfort that comes with the third.

At times, it's easy to forget that I'm pregnant. There are small things, like if we go for sushi and I think, "oh....I'd better not eat that," and will order a California roll or prawn tempura roll instead. At home I'm usually in sweats, and I wear scrubs at work - so between the two I don't even notice my changing physique. I don't need to make plans or do any shopping for the necessities of a new baby. Instead, I can shop for the fun things and impractical stuff that are fun to buy for other people's kids, but you would never buy for your own. I'm hoping we find out the gender... because then it will be even that much more fun!

Janelle is coming to town in 6 weeks, and I've scheduled a lot for when she's here. We'll have the 20 week ultrasound, an appointment with the hospital social worker and she'll also get to meet with the midwives. I'm excited and can't wait for her visit! I hope that she doesn't miss the snow and cold weather too much while she's here - it's a whole different world out here on the island! Though... I think there was one day where I had to scrape the car. Maybe we'll get some frost while she's here so she'll feel more at home.

Doubt it.

Not in March.

The city's annual *flower count* is next month.

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